Streets Alive

Emerging and established artists express their ideas, opinions and concerns in this exciting arts festival that engages with the community.


Person with painted face in front of a mural People with white painted faces dancing in the streetTown Hall with columns covered with colourful blankets People painting a mural

Meet the Street

Provides a structure for interested residents to hold a celebration for their street to get to know their neighbours better, build a sense of community and create safer streets.

Meet the Street sign People playing musical instruments on a residential streetPeople on the street People gathered on the street in front of a house

Access Arts Link

Studio workshop and exhibition program that offers supportive space and assistance to individuals with diverse skills and abilities who are wanting to develop their arts practice.

Dance performance Wall paintingMr Happy line drawing Outdoor art workshop in front of a bus

Manic Productions

Young people coordinate and drive this dynamic collective that supports emerging artists to produce cutting edge events.

Black Box Full Moon Party poster Women in creative costumes Artist working on paintings in shipping container