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REMADE is an event that offers a platform that challenges artists, designers and community to create themed ‘wearable art’ before enthusiastic audiences.

This annual event is inclusive to all skill levels, encourages up cycling and provides engagement, community strength, capacity building and connectedness, culminating in a contemporary showcase and exhibition at the Queen Victoria Museum & Art Gallery.



The STREETS ALIVE Festival and Public Arts Trail has been held seven times since 1999 and continues to grow from strength to strength. It is not only for young people, but also actively engages them in every aspect of program development.

The organising committee works hard on each event to ensure they have connected with the youth community and continue to offer opportunities for participants to develop and refine their skills across the arts spectrum whilst being mindful of their need to be part of the greater global community.

We have presented a variety of programs highlighting issues of significance to young people and have to date directly involved over 10,000 youth.  


Community Support Programs

ACCESS ARTS LINK is a community program supported by Interweave Arts, Queen Victoria Museum & Art Gallery and TAFE, for the purpose of encouraging the integration of people with disabilities into the creative, artistic and social life of Tasmanian communities. It aims to do this through:

  • A twice-weekly studio-based program staffed by practising artists who provide support and assistance to artists with disabilities who wish to continue to develop their artistic skills.

  • An ongoing exhibitions program where work is promoted locally, nationally and internationally across a wide variety of exhibiting contexts including public institutions and commercial galleries.
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